10 Resolutions For Greatness

I want 2019 to be a year of greatness. Take great leaps forward career-wise, form great habits, feel great about myself and my health, and do great things (whatever that means). I don’t have many specifics in mind about my direction, but I am committing to 10 resolutions that I want to do no matter where I am or how my schedule changes.

Morning Quiet Time | Every morning I make hot lemon and ginger water (SO GOOD AND HEALTHY!) and drink it as I read my Bible– I started a few weeks ago, because it’s something I want to do in 2019. Self-care is something I have trouble prioritizing, because in the moment I feel like I could be doing something more productive. Ultimately, if I don’t take care of myself, nothing else is going to matter. Whether it’s enjoying a few quiet minutes of journaling, or meditating over a cup of tea, morning quiet time is a valuable self-care activity.

Meet My Major [Writing] Goals | I have three major writing deadlines for myself in 2019. I intend to keep them by keeping to my writing schedule and consistently meeting weekly milestones. Smaller goals provide me flexibility in case life gets in my way one week, I know to pour in the sweat the next week to be where I need to be. Hopefully, I’ll have big results to show for it at the end of next year.

Intentionally Speak | Sounds weird, but I’ve noticed that my life revolves around words. My blog, my Instagram, my books, talking to humans occasionally. I have noticed that I put more thought into some of those areas and don’t care as much about the words I use in others. But, writing and talking to humans is the basic equation for my life right now, so I’d like to make it all intentional. Learn more words, new words, better words, and feel like my communication is a better, more consistent quality on all fronts.

Don’t Eat Junk | You are what you eat. Over used, but it rings with lots of truth. I was at a conference in November, and in an interview one of the speakers was asked why he works out so much and is so into fitness (which has nothing to do with his field of work). He said he wants to do great things, and he keeps his body in great shape so he can physically keep up with everything he wants to do. WOW. I love that mindset. I want to be prepared to do great things. Writing doesn’t always feel like doing, since I’m staring at a screen while sitting down day in day out. But it is, and I need to focus on the big picture. Baby step: clean up the food I eat.

Do Yoga | Okay, I was a yoga skeptic for a long time. I’d try it out and get weirded out by the super granola instructors. Waaaay to much for me. But then I began yoga videos at home (less intimidating), and I can honestly say doing yoga for 15-25 minutes every day changed my mindset x 1000! When I step onto a yoga mat, nothing else is a priority until I’m done. My phone is on silent. I’m not worrying. I’m focusing on myself and feeling better physically and emotionally. And it works. I use it as a time to meditate and unselfishly focus on what I need. It makes me mentally stronger. I’ve fallen out of habit doing it daily, but I want to get back into it.

Invest Time Wisely | Recently I’ve realized I have no qualms investing 2 hours of my life in a cringy Netflix movie, but I hesitate to put my time into more meaningful activities. Why? Yeah, good question. If I want to rewards of my time to be productive, I need to put in the work to do productive activities. Time is not an unlimited resource, even though it feels like it is sometimes. Viewing time as an investment that will yield profit or loss is how I want to schedule and live my life in 2019.

Read A Book From 12 Genres | I read lots of books. Thousands within my lifetime thus far. It takes a concentrated effort for my to read in genres that don’t attract me. Writers are doing amazing things in their own genres, even if it’s not what I pick up first. I want to broaden my horizons and read more, especially non-fiction (which I usually AVOID). An open mind and seeing others’ perspectives is important to me, and reading widely is one way I want to improve on this. If you have any book suggestions, leave a comment!

Curate My Wardrobe | I feel better when I like what I’m wearing. Fact. The past few years I’ve started working on getting rid of clothes I own that I don’t want to wear. I find this really difficult because I remember I paid money to buy it, so giving it away for free is painful. But if I don’t want to wear it and know I don’t like the way I look/feel in it, it’s got to go. I want to approach shopping with my wardrobe in mind, thinking about how I want to present myself and what is going to fit in with what’s already in my closet. No more spur-of-the-moment maybe-wear-it-once binge buying.

Talk To New People | Something I found this year, in truth by accident, is that community multiplies results in a way an individual can’t. I am an introvert, who’d rather do something myself and know it’s right than let someone else do it and have it be wrong. I do not magnetize towards people naturally. But this year I was invited into several spaces of community with others where the results blew my mind. People help, not hinder, even if you don’t see how beforehand. I can rely on myself, but this year I want to work on thriving in spaces with other people.

Love The Moment I’m In [For What It Is] | Greatness is a mindset. In 2019 I want my focus to be on the moment I’m in, not daydreaming where I want to be and missing what’s at my fingertips. I will never be at this place again. My goal is to live each moment fully to the best of my ability, even the bad ones, because moments of life and the mindset I approach them with form character.

I don’t make goals without an action plan. Tangible approaches to accomplish something make a goal possible. I’m hoping 2019 will be filled with big things for me, and these 10 goals are my plan for getting closer to greatness.

The New Year is not here yet, so if you have any other great goal ideas, comment below!

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