About Me

I’m Jules, a writer and blogger in Los Angeles. Most recently I finished my first fantasy book and am moving into figuring out how to get published as a first time author!

ME 2For a long time, I’ve felt like there’s been a story trapped inside of me. It took years, but I finally chose to put in the work and write it down. My blog is entitled “a story is trying to escape” because I feel like that’s how my writing and inspiration comes to me. It’s inside, and I have to figure out what words are there and spit them out before I’m at peace again.

Every day I read my personal mantra: Why do I write? Because I feel like there is a story (at least one) trapped in my soul waiting to be written down, and I need to write it, even if it’s only for myself, because if I do not I am unhappy. And moody. And everything I see and hear points me back to it, reminding me that I have not released it from the prison of my mind.

I know that the journey of writing can be very dark and take the mind to dark places. I hope that my writing journey can be an encouragement in and out of those places and to anyone journeying in writing.